Best Gifts of Raksha Bandhan

Acc. to Manusmriti you should gift these 3 things to your sister

As you all know 'Manusmriti' is the old Hindu text which tells us about the Human Laws.
And According to this old text you should give your sister some  certain gifts which will bring success in every work, there will be benefits.

Rakshabandhan is like a great festival for brother and sister. Rakshabandhan is considered a symbol of love between brother and sister. On this day, brother gives many gifts along with love to his sister. Three such things have been told in Manu Smriti, which by giving to the women of the house keeps peace and progress in the house.

1. Clothes

As we all know women's always love to make up or dress-up. According to Manusmriti God is always happy to those houses, where a man gives good clothes to his wife mother or Sister. There is always happiness and peace in such a house and there is success in all work. The woman is considered to be the Lakshmi of the house, if the women live in dirty or dirty clothes or the men of the house do not provide good clothes to their wife, mother or sister from time to time, then Lakshmi gets angry at such a house.

2. Jewellery

Jewelry is one of the most loved items of women. The house where the women are happy is believed to be the abode of the gods. Every man should gift beautiful ornaments to the women of his house. In a house where women adorn themselves with good clothes and ornaments, there is never any poverty. There is always happiness and blessings of Mother Lakshmi in such a house.

3. Sweet Words

Women are considered to be revered. In many texts and Puranas, it has been said to respect women. According to Manusmriti, even God does not live in a house where women are badly talked about or respected. A man who does not respect women has to do some troublesome stuff all the time. Therefore a man should always respect women and treat the women of his house with love and respect at all times.

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