Swan: Vehicle of Hindu Goddess Sarswati

Different Gods with Different Things

Many gods and goddesses are mentioned in Hindu mythological texts. Along with his every quality, every attribute, his life pastimes and incarnations are also mentioned. Apart from all this, for the convenience of the devotees, it has also been told in Hindu Puranas that which food, which flower and which color is most dear to which gods and goddesses. On the basis of which his devotees get to know about him better and try to keep him happy. In the stories and pictures related to the gods and goddesses, you must have seen them with a particular kind of bird or animal as their vehicle. These vehicles always stay with them and tell somewhere about their nature and their characteristics.


Mother Goddess and Swan (Hans)

The best vehicle for Mother Saraswati, the goddess of knowledge, could have been a swan. Maa Saraswati seated on a swan shows that curiosity can be quenched only by knowledge. Purity, morality, love and sociality develop in life only through knowledge. What is knowledge? Knowing whatever ignorance is there is the first sign of being knowledgeable.

Quality of Swan (Hans)

There is a quality of a swan that if milk and water are mixed in front of him, then he drinks only milk and leaves the water. That is, he only accepts virtues and renounces demerits and goddess Saraswati is the goddess of learning. Recognizing the merits and demerits is possible only when you have knowledge. Therefore the vehicle of Mother Saraswati is the swan.

Calmness & Purity

Along with the white color of the swan, it tells that the mind should be calm and pure to receive education. Due to this our mind becomes concentrated, the mind is engaged in studies. Today education is very necessary for a good life and for good we need to have a conscience like a swan. The swan is a pure, curious and intelligent bird. It remains with only one laugh for life. This is the best example of love and unity in the family. Apart from this, the swan stays only in its chosen places. Third, its specialty is that it flies at the highest altitude compared to other birds and is capable of covering long distances. Those who are wise are like swans and those who attain enlightenment are called Paramhansa.

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