Why LIFE and DEATH is Important

Why their is LIFE" as we have to "DIE" one Day.

Their is a Common Question.
As we all know we have to die one day, So why this life is given to us ?

What is Life

Actually life is a process of death. in reality Life is not life it is process of death.And whosoever wants to go to death he/she has to go through the process of life.And without life you can't get death.Its like a fruit as fruit grows on a tree and fruit has seed inside and through that seed a tree grows and the process continues. Whosoever able to find death in his life has completed the Motive of his life. Life doesn't mean you have to complete your age and it doesn't mean that you have to cut cake on every birthday it means you have to go to your death.

Some Deep Things

A deep thing.You are dying continuously as much as you are living. Last year you were 25 years old and this year you are 26 years old you are saying that you lived one more year whereas the truth is that you are going near to death.
If you look closely you will know that you are living and dying together.You are living moment by moment and you are slowly moving closer to death moment by moment.living and dying happening at the same time and happening in the same way.

Dying day by day

Another thing is to reveal the difference between life and death, both life and death are the same. Go a little deeper, as if you were dying while living life, in the same way you are talking death with life, you do not realize at all, do not care at all, you do not even know that you are dying.

Real Happiness

When you pay attention to it, when you understand it, only then will your real life begin.
then you will find your real happiness. When you understand that both life and death are one, then only bliss will happen.In that very moment you will understand the secret of life.

Good Death or a Bad one.

One thing is special, as you are living life. As life you are doing, so death will happen. You won't find any difference. If you remain calm and prudent in life, then there will be peace and wisdom even at the time of death. If the unnecessary worry of life turns out to be in depression and tension, you death will also be formed in fear.If there is consciousness and knowledge in life, then death will also happen in consciousness.You come that if death is beautiful, then life has to be beautiful.If you want death to come like a festival, you have to make life a spring.As you will do to life, death will do to you.No difference, no send, no variation.Death occurs in unconsciousness, before death the person remains unconscious. He also dies in the same state as there is a state of semi-sleep before sleep. And the person who meditates in life Death happens to him in his senses, he sees death, and he who sees it becomes immortal.


That's why you are asking that when we have to die one day, then why are we living?
The answer is that we are living only to die, we are living life only to death, it will depend on your life whether death will come as a festival or as a fear.

Now in the end let me say one more thing, if life is to be beautiful, if life is to be lived in joy, then try to die daily, practice death, in practice I do not suggest you to eat poison, I only ask you to do shavasana, by this you will learn to die. because
Life is a process of death.

Be Ready

All the material for the time of death is ready, the shroud is also ready, new ones will not have to be made. The person who lifts is also ready, not the new born. The place of burning  is also ready and new will not have to be brought. Wood is ready to burn and no need to plant new trees. And the wait is only for your breath hold. As your breath will stop everything will come.

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