Hinduism in Russia

About a 1000 yrs ago Russia had also Hindu Religion.

Hinduism in Russia

As you all know that Hindu Religion is always called to be Linked with Indus River. But Hindu is not a religion it is a Civilization. Hinduism in India is actually Sanatan Dharama. One main reason of saying Hindu is that Peoples of Sanatan Dharma was living alongside Indus River means Living in India. You will be surprised to know that the Hindu Religion which is believed in India only, Once it was believed in Russia Also.

Decline of Hinduism

About a 1000 yrs ago Russia accepted Christianity. It is believed that earlier Hinduism was prevalent here in an unorganized manner and before that Hinduism was followed on the basis of Vedic System in an organized manner. Due to of downfall of Vedic Religion and and mistakes of priests Hinduism was also declined.

Two Options: Islam or Christianity 

And During the 10th Century in Russia the King of Princely State Kiev i.e. Valamdir don't likes different God Godess, he wants one God only. At that Time Valamdir had two options. First one was Christianity  and Second one was Islam. And that time King had to decide one Religion. And the King Started Collecting info. on Both Religion.

He Choose Christianity 

And he Came to Know that this is good that Islam has Heaven and Fun with Huor, type of Mythology, But on the other side Islam Has no Independence On Woman and also ban on Liquor, he wasn't happy with that. So, he disagreed with Islam and decided to Adopt Christianity in his territory. As this religion had no Ban Like points and full independence to peoples. Then he started talks with Greek byzantine Church. Byzantine Church is somehow little different from Catholic Church Christianity. It is Called Original Christian religion or we can say Orthodox Christianity. In this way on a large land of Russia Christianity Started.

Propagation of Christianity

When the King of Kiev Territory Adopted Christianity he asked his peoples to adopt Christianity but for long time the peoples of Russia worshiped their ancient god goddess. Later on with the Continuous Effort of Christian priests publicity of Christianity increased day by day and slowly slowly the ancient religion totally destroyed.

Indian Gods in Russia

In ancient time Russians people worshiped the powers today these power worshiping is called Nature worshiping. According to these worshipers Sun and Air are God. And they believe that every activity in nature is due to of God. They worshiped Fire, Sun, Mountains, Air and holy trees as we Indians do. They also believe that their is one power, which is circulating this world.

Their Main God was Light, Light which strikes in the Sky, and the name of this God was Perun. Every time when they make any agreement or anything they always take oath or Pledge with the name of this God Perun. According to the Scholars the worship of Ancient Russians peoples is somehow same to same as Indian culture and tradition. 

In ancient russia they have also two more Gods i.e. Rog and Nirog. And the Name of Sun God in that time were like: Hourse, Yarila, dajbog etc. Other than sun they have Goddess Like Biriginia, diva, Jeeva, Lada, Makosh and Marena. Marena was goddess of winter and also called goddess of death. we can also say that indian word Marna (death) may be came from this Marena Goddess and same in Jeeva Goddess with word 'Jeev'. As Jeeva was their Life (Jeevan) God.

Sculptures Founded

In Present Russia many times archaeologists found sculptures of ancient Russian god-goddess. And some sculptures had many heads and hands like 'Durga Mata'. There are many similarities between Ancient Russian god-goddess and Indian god-goddess. But many signs of their ancient religion is still remained in their present culture.Many times Russian scholars denoted that the ancient russian culture is somehow same as indian hinduism. 

Vishnu Sculpture in Volga Region:

Some years ago in 2007  in Staraya Maina village in Volga region, a Vishnu sculpture was found which was of between 7-10 century Ac, About 1700 years ago this village was a Huge city. Staraya Maina means Mother of villages. At that times this area had huge population. it is assumed that before Vikings people their was Indian peoples. And in the search they also found ancient coins, rings, medals and also old books. And Acc. to Dr. Ramvilas Sharma about 2000 words of Russian Language are derived from Sanskrit Language.


If the King Vladimir hadn't made this decision, today in this world Hinduism will be the worlds Largest Religion. Due to King and his priests this vedic religion was totally disappeared in Russia. If the priests had done something in spreading this toady it will be in Russia and it was spreaded all over the world. But unfortunately this doesn't happened.

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