Who was Kalanemi

Kalnemi - One such demon who did not give up the pursuit of Lord Vishnu till Kali Yuga!

In Satyuga there were two super powerful demons - Hiranyakashipu and Hiranyaksha. They were so powerful that Lord Vishnu himself had to incarnate to kill him. Hiranyaksha drowned the earth in the ocean with his power. Then Narayan took the Varaha avatar and killed Hiranyaksha. He had two sons - Andhak and Kalnemi who were as powerful as him.

As long as his uncle Hiranyakashipu was alive, he spent his life under his protection, but when Narayan killed Hiranyakashipu in the form of Narasimha, both the brothers decided to take revenge. Andhak, under the influence of his great power, sat in awe of Goddess Parvati and was killed at the hands of Maharudra. Then Kalnemi, in order to take vengeance from Mahadev, married her daughter Vrinda, who had a boon that her husband could not die without her, married the Jalandhar salt demon, who was a fierce enemy of Mahadev.

However, even Vrinda's chastity could not save Jalandhar and she was killed at the hands of Lord Shiva due to Narayan's deceit. When Kalnemi heard of Vishnu's deceit and the death of his daughter and son-in-law, he vowed to take vengeance from Narayana.

Marichi, the Manas son of Supreme Father Brahma, who was Prajapati as well as one of the Saptarishis, had six sons. One day Maharishi Marichi along with his sons went to meet their father Brahmadev. Goddess Saraswati was also present there. When he reached there, all his sons jokingly said to their grandfather Brahma that - "O father! I have heard that you had married your own daughter, Goddess Saraswati. How this can be possible?" Saying this everyone started laughing.

Then Brahmaji cursed all of them that in the next life they would be born as a demon. On asking for his apology, he said that in his next birth too, he would get the good fortune of being born as the elder brother of Narayan and that he would not have to stay on the earth for a long time, that is why he would get liberation as soon as he was born.

 On the other hand, Kalnemi was doing penance for Brahma to take revenge for the killing of his father Hiranyaksha. When Brahma was pleased, he asked for a boon that he should get six such sons who would be invincible. Then as a boon of Brahmadev, the six sons of Maharishi Marichi, who were cursed, were born in the next birth as the six sons of Kalnemi. Apart from him, he had another daughter, Vrinda, also known as Tulsi.

 When the six sons of Kalnemi started creating ruckus, Hiranyakashipu, the uncle of Kalnemi, ordered them to go to Hades. Even after being stopped by Kalnemi, all of them obeyed Hiranyakashipu and settled in Hades. Due to this, Kalnemi himself became an enemy of his sons and decided that he would kill his own sons with his own hands in the next life.

After this, after the death of his uncle Hiranyakashipu, even after persuading his brother Prahlad, Kalnemi attacked Lord Vishnu. In that war, like Goddess Durga, he made a lion as his vehicle. A fierce battle ensued between the two and it is said that in that war, Kalnemi attacked Lord Vishnu with Brahmastra, but Narayan was not harmed by it. Then Kalnemi struck Narayan with an unfailing trident, but Narayan caught him in the middle and destroyed him.

Then he put an end to Kalnemi with his Sudarshan Chakra. While dying he took a vow that he would be born again and would take vengeance from Narayan. Prahlad became very sad on the death of his brother. Eventually, on Prahlad's prayer, Lord Vishnu assured him that in the next life also he would kill him and free him from the cycle of life and death.

King Ugrasen of Mathura was ruling happily with his wife Padmavati. Soon after the marriage, Padmavati went to her father Satyaketu's house. Once a messenger of Kubera, Gandharva Drumila (Gobhila) came to meet Satyaketu. When he saw Padmavati, he was fascinated by her beauty. He deceitfully disguised as Ugrasen and came to meet Padmavati. Considering him as her husband, Padmavati started behaving in the same way with him.

 After a few days, Kalnemi took birth as his son to take vengeance on Narayan. He was named Kansa. After his birth, Devarshi Narada told Padmavati about Gandharva's deceit, which made her hate her son. She did not tell anything to her husband Ugrasen, but she started wishing for his death.

Later on, Kansa imprisoned his father and, knowing that Devaki would give birth to a child who would lead to his slaughter, put him in prison. Later he came to know that Lord Vishnu would be born as the eighth child of Devaki, so he decided to fulfill his vow by killing him. In the form of the first six sons of Devaki, six sons of Kalnemi were born, after killing whom Kansa, the form of Kalnemi, fulfilled his promise.

 When Devaki's seventh child got infected, Vasudev's second wife went into the womb of Rohini, from which Balarama was born. Mahamaya took birth from Devaki's womb in her place, who told that Devaki's eighth child has also been born. To take his vengeance, Kansarupi Kalnemi ordered the slaughter of all the children of Gokul because of Krishna. Hundreds of children were killed but nothing happened to Krishna. At the age of 16, Krishna along with his brother Balarama killed Kansa and freed the world from his tyranny.

Thus Kalnemi followed Narayan from Satyug to Dwapar, but who could kill the Lord? Every time he had to lose his life. It is said that it is Kaalnemi that takes him closer to Kali Yuga as every night at the end of Dwapar. Even Kaliyuga is considered to be an incarnation of Kalnemi. It is also believed that to take his vengeance, Kalnemi was born in the form of Kaliyuga so that even in this age, he could take vengeance from the Kalki avatar of Narayan. However if this is true then we know what will be the result.

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