How to increase your Age

These 8 Steps will Boost your Age

Hello Everyone,
In this article some Practices are introduced, By following them your Life Time can be increased. These Points are no my Opinion or my Knowledge. These are taken from Indian Old texts.

1. Never Intercourse With another Caste Woman:

A man of any caste should never have intercourse with another women. The life of a human being ends soon by intercourse with another woman. There is no other act in the world that destroys the life of a man like the union of women. For thousands of years, adulterous men have to live in hell as many hair follicles are there in the body of women.

2. Never stay at the intersections

Never stay at the intersections (Choraha) in the afternoon, at night (especially at midnight) and during both the evenings.

3. Not Wear Another Clothes:

One should not wear clothes and shoes worn by others.

4. Always follow celibacy

Always follow celibacy, do not press your feet with your feet. Always be celibate on Amavasya, Poornima, Chaturdashi and Ashtami Tithi of all the parties, do not do women's intercourse, do not condemn, defame and slander anyone.

5. No sex before marriage

A learned man should not have sex before marriage, otherwise he is considered guilty of breaking the vow of celibacy, in such a situation he should atone for it.

6.Don't look at a foreign woman

Don't look at a foreign woman and sit on a seat with her in solitude, keep your senses always under your control. Even in your dreams, be pure minded.

7. Some Little Things

He breaks the straw, chews his fingernails and is always impure and fickle, such a person with such qualities does not get long life.

8. Don't Look towards the sun

Do not look towards the sun even during eclipse and midday and also do not look at the reflection of the sun situated in the water. The sages had attained longevity only by worshiping in the evening every day, so by staying silent always on the dvijamatra in the morning and evening of the evening. Should do. The dvijas who do neither in the morning nor in the evening, should get the religious king Shudrochit karma done from all of them.

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